Ultra-High-Speed, Fiber Internet

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You can’t get faster Internet & Wi-Fi service anywhere in Minnesota. It’s that fast.

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Experience unparalleled Internet speeds with our fiber-to-the-home network. It delivers groundbreaking, ultra-high-speed Internet and WiFi services. We’ve built you a fiber-to-the-home network that brings you groundbreaking Internet service. Start shopping for the service that’s right for you and get service today.


Get up to 1 Gigabit* (that’s 1000 Megabits…really, really fast).

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Speed for All your Devices at Once

Need simple speed for one computer? Need enough for everything and everyone all at once? There’s a speed right for you!

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Unlimited Use

Use the Internet whenever, and as often as you wish. That means unlimited streaming of movies, music, gaming and more. High-definition video, blue-ray, or 4k streaming too.

Affordable Pricing for Every Budget

Service Speed Price
Diamond icon Diamond 1G+ ↓ | 1G+ ↑ Coming Soon!
Emerald icon Emerald 1G ↓ | 1G ↑ $100/month
Jade icon Jade 500M ↓ | 500M ↑ $80/month
Amber icon Amber 250M ↓ | 250M ↑ $65/month
Topaz icon Topaz 100M ↓ | 100M ↑ $50/month
Managed WiFi - $6.95/month
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Slow Internet?

It might be your WiFi equipment ruining your fiber Internet experience. We can maximize your speed with Managed WiFi.

Just $6.95/month!

Learn more about Managed WiFi.

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