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Frequently Asked Questions about our fiber Internet service.

Do I need to use Windows Update?

Yes, it is important. Every operating system needs maintenance. Regular updates ensure functionality and security.

The Microsoft Windows Update site provides critical updates. It also supplies security fixes, software downloads, and device drivers. Visit there to keep your Windows-based computer up-to-date.

Windows Update analyzes your computer to determine your current setup. You are then given a list of possible updates for your computer.

Use Windows Update at least once a month to keep your Windows computer current.

Do I need the Internet to have VoIP Service?

Yes. To take advantage of VoIP and other IP-enabled services, you need high-speed Internet.

What is Spam?

Spam "junk" e-mail sent to large numbers of people. It is often used to promote unsolicited products or services. For more information on how to stay safe online visit Stay Safe On Line.

Why do I get Spam or Junk E-mail?

E-mail addresses posted on the Internet, like an ad on Craigslist, attract the most spam. Another form of spam is through attacks on mail servers. It is a method that doesn't rely on the collection of e-mail addresses at all.

Spammers send every possible combo of letters, common names, and words at a domain. These called "brute force" and "dictionary" attacks,

Blocking these attacks is possible. Some spam is still likely to get through. It is often difficult or impossible to tell how a spammer acquired a user's e-mail address. For more information on how to stay safe online visit Stay Safe On Line. I’m new to the Internet and technology.

How do I learn about Internet safety? For more information on how to stay safe online visit Stay Safe On Line.

There is a wealth of information there. Also, ask friends and family members who can help.

How can I check my Internet Speed?

Use the Speed Test link in the sidebar menu in the Internet section or Check your Internet speed.  It will tell you what speed your device is running at.

Devices connected using Wi-Fi will be slower than a hard-wired device. Also, the further you are away from the wireless router the speed will be lower.

The number of devices connected will also slow down the connecting speed.

The best speed test would be a hard-wired device. You will get the full speed you signed up for unless the computer has issues.

What is VoIP service that I’ve heard so much about? Is it available here? Will it allow me to make phone calls from my computer? Do I need High Speed Internet or other broadband connection to use it?

VoIP service refers to “Voice over Internet Protocol”. It is the transmitting of voice communication using Internet technology (protocol).

VoIP “digitizes” the voice signal into information “packets”. They're sent over the Internet or computer network, like data or e-mail. Packets reassembled at the other end of the connection produce the voice signal. VoIP is one of the components of a larger, more wide-ranging concept of “IP-enabled services”. It developed as an offshoot of the Internet and its technology.

The growth of the Internet has generated intense interest and popularity in individual access to a boundless sea of websites. In turn, the availability of broadband (high-speed) network facilities has fed the growth of additional web-based applications and services, including video. In addition to its data/web surfing applications, IP network technology also is able to transmit voice signals – by breaking them down into information packets just like data (e-mail).

Until recently, however, IP network-delivered voice service has been constrained by very poor quality and limited reliability. Recent advancements in IP technology have improved the quality of digitized voice service, and IP networks are becoming more and more capable of carrying voice communications on a par with the traditional network. In fact, VoIP services are increasingly being used to carry long-distance traffic, as well as to meet many business-related applications.

Currently, most VoIP service is what’s known as “peer-to-peer” or computer to computer. This means both parties must have the same type of IP software and logged on at the same time.

Also becoming more widely available are computer-to-phone and phone-to-phone VoIP applications. From a technical starting point, users must have a broadband connection (High Speed Internet, cable modem, or other) to take advantage of VoIP and other IP-enabled services, so policymakers hope that the benefits of “Internet voice” and other such services will increase American consumers’ acceptance of high-speed, broadband service – and its cost – and, thus, hasten broadband deployment across all segments of the economy, rural and urban.

Why is security important on my computer?

If you store any data that you would not like publicly broadcast to the world it is in your interest to provide a level of security which protects that information.

With recent epidemics of viruses, trojans, and worms, it has become increasingly important to keep your computer protected.

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