Long Distance Telephone Providers

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Uninterrupted long-distance communication by ensuring you are able to call and set up service with all carriers.

All carriers listed require the customer to call and set up service. Failure to do so will result in the inability to make long distance calls.

Intralata & Interlata

Provider Phone Number
MCI 1-800-888-0800 (B)1-800-444-2222 (R)
Cable & Wireless 1-800-486-8686 (B)
United Carrier Network 1-800-691-4041 (R)1-800-417-0172 (B)
Onvoy 1-800-860-1020 (R)
AT&T 1-800-222-0300 (R)1-800-222-0400 (B)
Excel 1-800-875-9235
Albany Telephone L.D. 1-320-845-2101
American Sharecom 1-800-735-3003
Global Crossings 1-800-466-4600 (B)1-800-482-4848 (R)
Worldcom 1-800-749-9600 (B)1-877-673-5587 (R)
Telcom USA 1-800-866-3322 (B)1-800-866-3311 (R)
Integra 1-800-820-7880
One Star Long Distance 1-800-482-0000
DTI (Digital Tel.Inc.) 1-877-742-5384
Qwest 1-800-860-1020
Broadwing Communications 1-800-422-1199
ITI Oncore 1-800-825-5533 (B)
US Link 1-800-450-7500 (R)1-800-450-7283 (B)
Sprint 1-800-877-4646
Verizon 1-800-483-3737 (R)1-800-483-1660 (B)
Amerivision Comm. 1-800-800-7550
CCC Global Comm. 1-800-569-4682
Midcom Communications 1-888-465-9516
Working Assets 1-800-789-9253 (B)1-800-548-2567 (R)
Lightyear Communications 1-800-393-7300
McLeod USA 1-800-593-1177 (B)1-800-500-8000 (R)
Connect America 1-800-422-1470
Talk America 1-888-825-5265
Norlight Telecom 1-800-297-3788 (R)1-800-876-7842 (B)
Williams Communications 1-888-275-9080
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