Digital Television

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Digital TV with Albany Fiber Communications offers a comprehensive experience, including local and regional TV networks, national sports and cable channels, movie channels, and more.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate entertainment experience with our Digital TV service, featuring a crystal-clear picture, an interactive on-screen guide displaying a week's worth of future programming, parental controls, personalized favorites lists, consolidated monthly billing for all services, and more.

With Albany Fiber Communications Digital TV you get:

  • Local and Regional TV Networks
  • Local and National Sports Programming
  • National Cable Networks
  • Movie Channels
  • 100% Digital Picture 
  • No Rain Fade (like satellite)
  • Crystal clear picture
  • Whole Home DVRs
  • Lots of HD Programming
  • Interactive on-screen guide shows a week’s worth of future programming
  • Favorites list allow you to customize your experience
  • Parental Controls to keep young ones safe
  • Optional On-Screen Caller ID
  • ReStart on All Channels (restart any show in progress)
  • One Bill for All Your Services (TV, phone, Internet, cellular)
  • Local Service and Support
  • A Small Sleek Digital Receiver
  • No Equipment to Buy

*Move-flexible” term commitments are required when adding TV, due to the investment in the most innovative TV hardware for your home. If you move out of the area, you are free from any contract charges.

Digital TV Pricing

Service Price
$185+ Channels
160+ Channels
35+ Channels

Specialty Channels

Service Price
6 Channels
8 Channels
Starz & Encore     
11 Channels
HBO + Cinemax + Starz & Encore     
25 Channels
Red Zone From NFL Network $49.95/month
Playboy Premium $18.95/month

Digital TV Features

Feature Price
High Definition Channels 
HD Channels included at no cost when available.
On-Screen Caller ID 
On-screen Caller ID displays incoming calls on the TV screen
Free with Caller ID
Voice mail is reliable and you can check your messages from anywhere
Set-Top Boxes (STB)     
Each STB after the first will be charged $5.95 per month
Cloud DVR     
Record 12 shows at once. Record, Pause, and Rewind live TV. Watch recorded programs on any TV in the house.
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Did you know you can have our TV service on your mobile devices?

It's called watchTVeverywhere and is FREE with our TV service.

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