Digital TV FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Digital TV service.

I just purchased a new TV. How do I program the remote to work with it?

The instructions are located under Guides and Resources (link located at the bottom menu on every page of our website).

How do I get service on an old TV?

If your old TV is a tube TV you can stop by the office and pick up an HDMI or composite cable for better sound and picture than the coax cable. Also you could sign up for HD at that time too.

Is it possible to get free HD?

If you sign up for the 60MBPS Internet with TV all of your TVs will get HD for free.

How many programs can I record at once on my Cloud DVR?

You can record 12 shows at one time.

What is the maximum number of TVs I can connect?

You can connect up to 6 HD TVs in your home at one time.

Do I need a set-top box for each TV?


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