Cooperative Membership

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Graphic illustration of light traveling through fiber optic threads.

You automatically become a cooperative member when you choose services with Albany Fiber Communications. 

Anyone who purchases telephone, with TV and Internet options, becomes an automatic cooperative member. After we invest in and maintain your communication system, any net profit is shared with you and other members in the form of capital credits.

Exclusive Savings with Capital Credits*

That means you automatically get cash back just from buying services you need anyway.  Payments are less frequent in early years, but over time the cash back really adds up.  You could receive 50% or more, of what you spend with us returned to you in cash payments over time.  That money flows back to you and other community members, not private owners or shareholders.

Plus as member you have a voting right to elect a local board member to represent you and guide activities at the cooperative.

*Must be in the cooperative main service territory to receive coop cash-back membership. All dividends are estimated on historical averages, no amount returned guaranteed.

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