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Graphic illustration of light traveling through fiber optic threads.

All the news and newsletters from Albany Mutual Telephone.

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    Newsletter 2014 Fall cover

    With so many options out there for viewing movies and TV shows online, it can be confusing to find the real thing — content that doesn’t involve copyright infringement.

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    Newsletter 2014 Summer cover

    Now that it’s summer, your family, friends, and neighbors will likely be spending more time in the yard.

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    Newsletter 2014 Spring cover

    News headlines about data breaches — including those experienced in 2013 by Target, Adobe, and LivingSocial — made everyone sit up and take notice.

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    Newsletter 2013 Summer cover

    Representatives from Albany Telephone are working with federal regulators to address a problem of long-distance telephone calls not completing to customers in the Albany Telephone Company exchanges of Albany, Freeport and New Munich or resulting in “dead air.”

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    Newsletter 2013 Spring cover

    High-definition (Hd) service from Albany mutual telephone offers you up to six times the resolution of traditional tV images.